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Beat Procrastination and 10x your productivity - turn your Dreams into Reality in just 3 Simple Steps

(No Stress , No Confusion & No Overwhelm )

"Unlock your full potential and conquer procrastination with our proven three-step system. Trust the process and transform your dreams into reality with a 10x boost in productivity"

Join me Live for 3 Hours.

Kick-start your Career Growth

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Next Batch is on 18th Nov.'23 (saturday)

Time - 3.00 pm - 6.00 pm

24 years of Experience

10000+ working professionals trained

500+ success stories

Associate to head of department

At The End Of The Session You Will Learn,

  • Discover strategies to reduce procrastination and increase focus

  • Understand how to streamline workflows for maximum efficiency

  • Learn how to break down larger objectives into manageable tasks

  • Learn how to handle stress and pressure in a professional setting

  • Showcase improved productivity as a valuable asset to employers

  • Position yourself for promotions and career advancement opportunities

discover 4 Secrets for career growth

Secret 1 -
Mindfulness and Focus Techniques::

Learn strategies for cultivating mindfulness in the workplace

Understand the importance of focused attention and deep work

Discover mindfulness exercises and meditation practices to enhance concentration

Secret 2 -

Effective Time Blocking:

Master the art of time blocking to organize and prioritize tasks

Learn how to allocate specific time slots for different types of work

Understand the benefits of creating a structured daily and weekly schedule

Secret 3 -
Strategic Goal Setting and Planning:

Explore techniques for setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound) goals

Understand the importance of focused attention and deep work

Discover mindfulness exercises and meditation practices to enhance concentration

Secret 4 -
Utilizing Technology for Productivity:

Explore productivity tools and apps tailored to individual needs

Learn how to integrate technology effectively for task management

Understand the balance between technology use and avoiding digital distractions

After attending my workshop, you'll be able to eliminate the following struggles and uncertainties from your life as a working professional

Eliminate the


Say Goodbye to Unproven Systems


Inefficient Time Management:

Lack of Clear Goals:

Resistance to Change:

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Concept #1

The Evolution Of An Expert

Learn The 5-Stages Of Positioning Yourself An Expert In The Digital Age

Concept #2

eLearning Industry Stats

Learn how you can ride on one of the fastest growing trends in the world

Concept #3

Digital EcoSystem Model

Learn How To Build A Knowledge Based Eco-System To Serve Your Community

Concept #4

3 Pillars Of Video Influence

Learn How To Attract The Right People Into Your Community Using Videos

Concept #5

The 4 Stage Info Product Funnel

Learn How To Maximise Your "Customer Lifetime Value" Thru A 4-Stage Funnel

Concept #6

Video Marketing Blueprint

Learn How To Market Thru Videos On Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & YouTube

Don’t Just Take My Word For It, Here’s What Others Have To Say…

Meet Your Productivity Expert?


A Productivity Champ herself ,A Full-time employee in an MNC

Manages 3 businesses parallelly alongside her work. Single mother managing 2 Children all by herself .Has an Active Social Life .Manages Family, Work and Friends all efficiently Perfect Work-Life Balance

Swati Arora is also Women Career Growth Coach ,

and she is on a Mission to help Millions of Women reach top leadership positions in their organizations. She has 24 years of experience in the corporate industry and she has herself risen from an Associate position to now being the Head of department in large organizations.

She is also an NLP practitioner , an Emotional Intelligence Coach and also an ICF Certified Life and Career coach . She is also a Youtuber, Podcaster and a content creator

🚀 Take Control of Your Productivity Journey!

Are you ready to transform your career and conquer productivity challenges? Join our upcoming productivity masterclass to unlock the secrets of peak performance and propel your professional growth!

🎯 Take Action Now:

- Overcome Procrastination: Break free from the chains of procrastination with actionable strategies

- Boost Focus and Efficiency: Master techniques to enhance focus and skyrocket your daily output

- Strategic Goal Setting: Learn the art of setting and achieving goals to align with your career aspirations

- Time Mastery: Conquer inefficient time management and reclaim your most valuable resource

- Prevent Burnout: Discover the keys to balancing productivity and well-being for sustained success

🌟 Your Productivity Revolution Awaits!

Don't let challenges hold you back—embrace the opportunity to revolutionize your approach to work. Unleash your potential, achieve your goals, and elevate your career

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Next Batch is on 18th Nov.'23 (Saturday)

Time - 3.00 am - 6.00 pm

Next Batch is on 18th Nov.'23 (saturday)

Time - 3.00 pm - 6.00 pm

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